How to Shorten Your Wedding Guest List Without Feeling Guilty

6 Simple steps


Making a Wedding guest list can be messy and hectic experience, you do not know who to erase? and who to hold on to? the task of writing the wedding guest list is already over but the number exceeds the one that should be invited?

This conflict always confused and irritated brides, before stressing over it you too, we will tell you how to shorten the wedding list without feeling guilty in an easy way.

1-Down to earth buddy

Be real! you cannot invite all of your acquaintances, choose from your closest friends and close relatives from your family and your husband family only.


2-The wedding venue

According to your wedding venue, you should set the number of the list whether a wedding reception held in a hotel or a private party, make two lists equally; one for you and one for your husband.


3- One year rule

This is a magical rule for weddings, no one can blame you if you did not include those who you have no connect with or haven’t spoken within a year. 

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4- One invitation one person

We are the most generous and sociable people on the planet, if one is going to a wedding he or she more likely to have a friend or a relative on their arm, to avoid them and their generosity, send an invitation with a statement that it ’s only for one person.